Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Career in Nursing via Online Degree Programs

How to choose a course of study

A good guide as to what course of study you should undergo is to look for projections of the future demand and probably supply for people trained in the field you your intended studies. One career that is always in demand is Nursing. I believe a proper qualification in Nursing will open the door to many countries to you.

nurse in white uniform
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Projected Supply and Demand for RN (Registered Nurse)

The Bureau of Health Professions have projected that the demand for Registered Nurses throughout United States of America will far exceed the supply, with a projected shortfall of a frightening 30% shortfall by 2020, just about 12 years from now. If you want a career which offers almost instantaneous employment, I believe nursing is one of such career. In fact, the shortage of qualified nurses is not just in the USA, it is worldwide. Possessing qualifications in nursing is as good as a worldwide passport.

Acquiring the nursing qualification

To get the nursing qualification, you obviously have to attend some courses or training. This can be done at a physical educational institution or it could be done via distance learning. You can train to be a RN (Registered Nurse) by joining Online Nursing Degree programs. Among the various possibilities are joining an online RN to MSN (Registered Nurse to Master of Science in Nursing).

It is advisable to seek accredited programs, and here you are in luck. There is an advanced online educational programs search box where you can tick a radio button to show only accredited programs and help you narrow down your search for a suitable nursing program.

A Career in Nursing via Online Degree Programs (test)

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Online education institutions, resources and accreditation

Online education is one very good spin-off from this amazing invention of the century - www and the Internet. Online education offer opportunities to obtain diplomas, degrees from Colleges or Universities or just learning minus any certification for people who would otherwise have to forgo such possibilities because of constraints like having to hold a job to support parents or just own survival. There are lots of such online educational institutions and the link just given will lead you to an online education website which has a search engine which I think will enable you to find online degree programs including associate degrees, bachelor degrees, master degrees, even doctorate degree programs. I have been given to understand that those include field of studies in education, nursing and business and also science and technology.

Science an Technology online programs

I am a graduate in Science and post-graduate in Technology and knows that for Science and Technology, laboratory work in often involved and it will not be easy to provide for online studies in this area unless you combine that with compulsory period of attendance at the colleges or universities itself. Further, providing such facilities require funding and setting up some of such facilities will not be cheap. So it is not impossible, but not easy as compared with, say, to set up a program leading science and technology as for a MBA (Master in Business Administration), for example.

That website has another way to find educational programs of specific degree level, category and subject. Now I subjected that to a test and tried to see what I can find: In that box to "Find Your Online Degree", I chose "Master's Degree" for the degree level, "Science and Technology" for the Category and "Engineering" for the subject. Now that to me is a pretty demanding request and I click "Find Now" anyway:

Online degree search by degree level, category and subject

Surprise, surprise, I was greeted with the message "Congratulations! We've found 6 accredited online school(s) with 10 program(s) that match your request" and the first one was for Norwich University offering a Master in Civil Engineering which definitely will need lots of lab equipments. Wish I have time to check, but I am quite sure they would have to have some kind of lab facilities of its Master in Civil Engineering students. There are 5 other Universities which I have no time to check.

Health Studies, Nursing, particularly RN (Registered Nurse)

Since nurses, especially RN (Registered Nurse) are in great demand worldwide, I have a special interest in this area and I tried to use the above to find something but was disappointed when the first result I obtained was for a medical billing program. So I tested the regular search box using the search terms "registered nurse" and ended up with the search page for Registered Nurse. The first result was the Walden University Master's in Nursing (BSN - MS degree in Nursing). The search results turned out to be pretty satisfactory to me.

Accreditation and accredited online educational institutions

It is also good to search for accredited online degree programs and for that, you should try its Advanced Search and specify "accredited programs only". Just tick the box next to "Only show listings from institutionally accredited schools (?)" in the third panel and choose whatever is applicable for you in the first 2 panel and if the website does as it claims, you should get only acreditated educational programs in your search result pager.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Medical education and jobs

Of all the various fields in which an undergraduate may opt for, studying for medicine is both very expensive, involve lots of hard work, hard to qualify for entry with stiff competition and once a medical student graduate, he will have to go through housemanship which is often not easy, and even after crossing that barrier, a career as a conventional doctor often involve long hours, heavy responsibilities and in some countries like mine, a newly qualified conventional doctor is bound to serve in government hospitals at low pay as compared to the private sector. Doesn’t sound very rosy does it, but a career carries with it great prestige and a promising future.

Some students who opted to do their medical studies overseas like the United Kingdom often do not return to our country because they have to do 2 years of compulsory housemanship at low pay, and when they finish, if they continue in the government, will continue to get low pay plus very heavy workload. Many opt for medical jobs in the United Kingdom.

jobs in medical are not confined to just doctors but to other medical workers as well such as nurses as well as social care workers.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Distance Learning and Education

Distance Learning

Distance learning or distance education is learning while not actually physically present at an educational institution itself by attending classes or lectures. Instructions and interactions may be done via printed version using the postal system or more commonly in these days of Internet, electronically via the Web. It may even involve videoconferencing where an instructor or instructors interact in real time with many students all at the same time via the Internet. Instructions may be downloaded via the Internet and either viewed on the computer monitor or printed by the student himself.

In some cases, students may be required to be actually present in the educational institution itself a certain percentage of the time, but this is not always the case.

Distance learning and University degrees

It is possible to obtain an online degree via providers of online degree programs. This is especially valuable for those who have to work to earn a living and yet at the same time have the desire to move up the ladder by earning a University degree.

Checking Out Accreditation

Getting an online degree is one thing. Whether the degree is from an accredited educational institution is another. It is important to check online degree accreditation as potential employers may not only consider whether you have a degree or not, but also if the degree is from an accredited educational institution. There are just too many online degree mills around and you just have to make some extra efforts to check this out before you invest money, time and effort into getting an online degree.

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