Thursday, April 24, 2008

Medical education and jobs

Of all the various fields in which an undergraduate may opt for, studying for medicine is both very expensive, involve lots of hard work, hard to qualify for entry with stiff competition and once a medical student graduate, he will have to go through housemanship which is often not easy, and even after crossing that barrier, a career as a conventional doctor often involve long hours, heavy responsibilities and in some countries like mine, a newly qualified conventional doctor is bound to serve in government hospitals at low pay as compared to the private sector. Doesn’t sound very rosy does it, but a career carries with it great prestige and a promising future.

Some students who opted to do their medical studies overseas like the United Kingdom often do not return to our country because they have to do 2 years of compulsory housemanship at low pay, and when they finish, if they continue in the government, will continue to get low pay plus very heavy workload. Many opt for medical jobs in the United Kingdom.

jobs in medical are not confined to just doctors but to other medical workers as well such as nurses as well as social care workers.

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