Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Career in Nursing via Online Degree Programs

How to choose a course of study

A good guide as to what course of study you should undergo is to look for projections of the future demand and probably supply for people trained in the field you your intended studies. One career that is always in demand is Nursing. I believe a proper qualification in Nursing will open the door to many countries to you.

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Projected Supply and Demand for RN (Registered Nurse)

The Bureau of Health Professions have projected that the demand for Registered Nurses throughout United States of America will far exceed the supply, with a projected shortfall of a frightening 30% shortfall by 2020, just about 12 years from now. If you want a career which offers almost instantaneous employment, I believe nursing is one of such career. In fact, the shortage of qualified nurses is not just in the USA, it is worldwide. Possessing qualifications in nursing is as good as a worldwide passport.

Acquiring the nursing qualification

To get the nursing qualification, you obviously have to attend some courses or training. This can be done at a physical educational institution or it could be done via distance learning. You can train to be a RN (Registered Nurse) by joining Online Nursing Degree programs. Among the various possibilities are joining an online RN to MSN (Registered Nurse to Master of Science in Nursing).

It is advisable to seek accredited programs, and here you are in luck. There is an advanced online educational programs search box where you can tick a radio button to show only accredited programs and help you narrow down your search for a suitable nursing program.

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